Hiking Up to an Abandoned Hotel in the Sky

Last week I hiked up to the abandoned Echo Mountain House Hotel Site. This mountain railway and resort was Southern California’s must-visit attraction and drew more than three million visitors from 1896 to 1936. Echo Mountain (3207′) was known as the “White City” and had a hotel, chalet, observatory and small zoo. All you see there now are ruins but on a clear day you get spectacular views of Pasadena and Los Angeles.


Click on the walk link below to see a map of my walk.

Finished Walk: Apr 1, 2013

Route: Echo Mountain (Pasadena)
Walk Link: http://walkmeter.com/1120c66c9ad242cb/Walk-20130401-0945?r=e
Import Link: http://share.abvio.com/1120c66c9ad242cb/Walkmeter-Walk-20130401-0945.kml
Walk Time: 2:16:07
Stopped Time: 1:01:33
Distance: 8.50 km
Average: 16:01 /km
Fastest Pace: 11:05 /km
Ascent: 435 meters
Descent: 429 meters
Calories: 748



2 thoughts on “Hiking Up to an Abandoned Hotel in the Sky

  1. Hey, you chose a great cloudy spring day for that hike. I went up there years ago. It is a fun site.
    Great to see that your training hikes also have historical interest!!!

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