Quick update -Day 4

Today is the beginning of my fourth day on the Camino. The two days that Sechu, Vicente, and I took to travel from Roncesvalles to Pamplona were full of rain, hardship, but also full of friends and good times. It’s amazing how friends make Camino easier but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with that because in life it’s the same, you need to have good friends. Soon I will write about some of the friends that I’ve met on the way. They are, in no particular order, the Germans – Deutschland Über Alles, Elisa -the Norwegian and her dog Chico, Il Italiano and the Wild Geese (The Irish Group).

Yesterday was a little sad and melancholy because I had to say goodbye to Sechu and Vicente. Like many Spaniards they take a week a year to do the Camino and just did not have the time to stay in Pamplona. In the morning we went to the cathedral, had a cup of coffee together and I walked with them on some of the route to Puente La Reina before returning to the hostel where I was staying. I was sad to see them go but I know that this is not another “adios” but only an “hasta luego” because we plan on meeting at the end of the Camino when I get to Santiago. Then we will all get together with their families and I’ll have the opportunity to visit them in their homes at Vigo in Galicia. In fact, I’ve become a minor celebrity with Vicente’s 10-year-old son. He keeps on asking his father about “El Américano” and has shared the stories of El Camino with his class mates at school. Each day they anxiously await another report of El Camino from Vicente’s son. He also specifically asked for a picture of the Vicente and I with some sheep!

All of these friends I’ve met on the Camino make me more grateful to God that I have such a loving family and friends back home in the United States and I’m also grateful that he has given me some good friends on the Camino.





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