Romo – That’s a Basque Name!

Romo – That’s a Basque Name!

As I was sitting in the dining room of the Xarma Hostel (see my Places to Stay Page) I heard Jordi (one of the owners say to me (in Spanish of course), “Miguel, did you know that Romo is a Basque Name?”

I smiled and said, “Of course, that’s why I’m here!”

In turns out that about 6,500 people in Navarra have Romo as their first last name and a similar number have it as their second last name.

It’s official, I’m part Basque from who knows how far back and I have the nose to prove it!

On my way to Cirauqui in Navarra

On my way to Cirauqui in Navarra

10 thoughts on “Romo – That’s a Basque Name!

  1. Hey, great blog! Congrats on a wonderful journey. I didn’t know there were 6500 Romo’s in Navarra– I’ve never found, on my father’s side, the original connection to the Romo branch that ended up in Chile, but I started a blog to connect whatever genealogical bits turn up– I’ll place a link to your blog. Enjoy your peregrinación y buena salud! Abrazos,
    Mariana Romo-Carmona

      • I lost your text, then found it. Started today. I have read it all. Glad you are taking care of yourself. How’s the knee? Christian told my mother you hurt your knee.
        Sad news here, Colorado Springs is on fire again. 479 homes on the north end of town burned. We had a grass fire behind our house, we were packed and ready to leave as the winds shifted. All is well, just got closer than we would like. Stay safe, be smart, have fun!

      • What!! I’m glad your house is OK. My knees are fine and so is my back. What happened is that I got a blister on my right foot and it hurt very much. I had to continue walking on it and then have it drained with a needle (only 3 times). The pain while walking on it forced me unconsciously to change the way I walked and that injured my Achilles’ tendon. I took two days of round the clock ibuprofen and ice in Burgos (a planned rest stop anyway) and both are healed now.

  2. Hi Michael!! We are really enjoying with your blog. Gorka says that the first Romo family was in the Basque Country and they loved to travel so there are Romos everywhere in the world (and basque people too).
    Have a good way Mikel. You deserve it.
    Agur!!(see you!!)

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