A Quick Update – Stage 16

I’m in Frómista today about to begin Stage 16 today after a grueling stage yesterday that was difficult because of the heat and lack of shade. Today is a much shorter stage and I’m about the enter historical heaven, for me, because my next stop is Villalcázar de Sirga which since the 12th Century has welcomed pilgrims. It was a commandery of the Knights Templar and has a magnificent Templar church.

For those of you that really know me well will understand my emotions as I walk along the Via Romana (Via Trajana) the most perfect extant stretch of Roman road left in Spain today. This treat I will encounter on Stage 19.

Tomorrow I will be exactly halfway to Santiago. Last night I heard a beautiful classical guitar concert in the Iglesia de San Martín. It is a 11th Century church (consecrated in 1066) that is one of the finest examples of pure Romanesque in Spain today. The concert was very moving and beautiful and was in memory of the Sept 11th and March 30 terrorist attacks. The last piece was Psalm 131 which was played to inspire and honor us Peregrinos.





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