Am I listening to my Body?

This is another one of those questions that my wife is very interested in so I have to be honest here. The simple answer is yes and no.

Yes, when it comes to any injury. If I feel something wrong I immediately take steps to make it right (like popping an Ibuprofen) before the problem becomes worse. I check my blood sugar constantly and so far so good.

When I don’t listen to my body is in the morning. My body aches in the morning and it’s stiff. My body is telling me then to sleep and not get up. Thank God that my brain takes over and says, “Get up you have to walk today.” After a while walking your body gets warmed up and the adrenalin takes over and any aches are banished.

Oh, I forgot there is another major time when I’m not listening to my body and that is on climbs. I hate to climb and my body says, NO, NO, NO! My brain says the way to Santiago is up this mountain, so, I go up the mountain. I used to curse on the way up. After the third day of consecutive climbing I stopped cursing.

So far, so good with this listening and not listening to your body!

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