The Cuban Connection

My last post spoke very highly of the town of Viana and there is another reason for this stage to have been a special one. When I got into I noticed that an altar of flowers were being set-up in a small square and at that point a gentleman approached me and asked if I was Cuban (he noticed my Cuban flag on my backpack). He explained that he was married to a Cuban woman and had been to Cuba. We talked about Cuba and he gave ma a restaurant recommendation.


Since we wanted to see the procession Robert and I opted to eat in a Bar opposite the church. While we were eating in the Bar this same gentleman came in and he must of spoken to the owner because the chef came up to me to ask if I was Cuban. We spoke for awhile and this chef told me that he had set-up a business in Jovellanos, Matanzas, Cuba. I was shocked because Jovellanos is where my Father was born. It was amazing because at no time did I ever mention that to anyone!!

The Cuban connection did not end there because at dinner that night in Logroño the waiter that served us was Cuban!


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