A Special Blessing

I met up with an Irish group of Peregrinos early on in Stage 21 in the suburbs of León. We stopped at the Iglesia La Virgen del Camino and while we were praying I noticed that a young Priest was doing some of the work that’s done after the Mass. I went up to him and asked for his blessing.

He took us to the chapel at the back of the church and gave us all a fantastic blessing!!! It was the standard beautiful blessing from 12th Century (in spanish) but he put his hand on our foreheads and hugged each and every one of us. I truly felt blessed.

It turns out the the Priest spoke a little English because he had lived in Cork, Ireland (where Theresa is from).

The Church is ultra modern (1961) and built on the site of the shrine where a shepherd, in the early 16th Century, saw a vision of the Virgin who told him to throw a stone and then build a church on the spot where it landed. The church has become a pilgrimage site in it’s own right on the account of the miracles performed here.

In the attached pictures you will see Theresa, Shane, the Priest ( of the Dominican Order), James and myself. I’ve also attached pictures of the church.






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