A Special Gift

My loyal readers, you will remember one of my initial posts where I said that I believe in small miracles. Yesterday while having a coffee outside a bar in Fuentes Nuevas I witnessed one that moved me.

I was sitting with Sue, my Aussie walking companion, and talking to an American woman that we had met while walking that morning. As we talked an elderly man, 75 years old at least, walked up to us with his son and asked if he could sit next to us. As they sat next to us he started to look at our walking sticks and say that could of used them yesterday (difficult and dangerous mountain descent) when he almost fell many times. As I quickly racked my brain for a solution something magical happened.

The American woman only had one walking stick but she immediately said,

“Here, take my stick”.

The man said that he couldn’t do that, it was her only stick. She then told him how she had a dream in the States in which she gave her walking sticks to someone who needed them. He was still reluctant to take them and said that he couldn’t accept them and offered to pay for them. She wouldn’t hear of that and told how when she was back home she never used them (even in the Rockies) and how she bought them for the Camino. While on the Camino the walking sticks did not prevent her from falling and getting a concussion so she felt that she he should have them because he needed them.

As I witnessed this I saw the man’s son fighting hard to prevent himself from crying. I knew that I was privileged to have have witnessed such unselfish generosity. I also knew that this was consistent with the ways of the Camino. Peregrinos help Peregrinos, we help those in need.



2 thoughts on “A Special Gift

  1. Sounds like the generosity of Egyptians. If you admire something another person here is wearing, they are likely to give it to you. Steve asked a fellow where to buy clip-on sunglasses like the ones he was wearing and he immediately took them off his glasses and gave him his pair. Since then he has never been able to find a pair in the store. I’m glad your companion paid attention to her dreams. She will remember the “giving” a lot longer than the “owning”. Blessings on your walk today.

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