A Quick Update – Stage 28

As I write this I am the beautiful mountain-top village of O’Cebreiro which has served Peregrinos since 836 AD. The church here is a ninth century Romanesque church that is the oldest extant church on the whole pilgrimage route. It was my privilege to have celebrated Mass tonight with my fellow Peregrinos and I’m in awe of the Benedictine monks and priests that have served here since the year 836. May God continue to bless them.

Today’s climb began at 600 m and the village stands at 1,300 m. We are surrounded by beautiful views of the Galician countryside and the climb up was breath-taking. Right now I’m in the home stretch because I’m 155.2 km (96.4 miles) away from Santiago! Let me know what you think of this beautiful place.













9 thoughts on “A Quick Update – Stage 28

  1. Gorgeous country and a lovely church.  Makes me want to visit Spain!

    Glad you’re on the home stretch.


    • Me too, although I’m a bit melancholy about nearing the end. The beauty of the people, land, churches and the faith of many Peregrinos has been inspiring. Even those Peregrinos that are not Christians have a respect and spiritualism that is impressive.

  2. Great pictures.  Keep going, you are almost there!  We are paying for you. Ray & Jeanine.  


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