Burgos – Part 1


AC Marriot Burgos


Our arrival into Burgos was a wet and cold one and it continued that way all evening. It was our good fortune that I had reserved two rooms at the wonderful Hotel AC Burgos. Good fortune I say because the hotel had everything we needed and provided excellent service and took care of all my needs – which became many, but more on that in Part II.

We arrived in the late afternoon and that gave us plenty of time to rest up before the dinner reservations we had at Casa Ojeda, one of the best restaurants in town! I was in pain upon arrival from my Achilles tendon – it was giving me a throbbing pain – and I used the time before dinner to take a leisurely and luxurious bath and then ice down my tendon. Robert was finishing his Camino in Burgos and was going to take a train to Barcelona the next day. Before dinner he had gone to the train station to buy tickets for the train and we had arranged to meet at the restaurant.

I arrived early at Restaurante Casa Ojeda (http://restauranteojeda.com) and found it was much more than a restaurant!! It was in a large building with two floors. The first floor was a bar/restaurant set-up where delicious tapas (I know I went there for lunch the next day) were available. On the same floor, but separate, was a delicatessen with all sorts of foods and cakes. It’s upstairs at the classy sit down restaurant where the seriously excellent food is to be had. The food we had was to die for! I remember that Robert and I both ate one of the specialities of the house; Rib-eye steak with a foie gras that has a strawberry vinegar sauce for me and a baby roast lamb made in their wood burning oven for Robert. The dish that Robert had was so delicious that we saw a French Peregrina and her group having the same dish! We smiled across the table when we saw this. I had started my meal with a dish of wild mushrooms and Robert had their excellent jamón ibérico as a starter. The wine selection was not to be outdone by the food on the menu and the wine list was extensive. I remembered a Montecillo that I had twenty years ago and luckily there was a Montecillo Gran Reserva available!

Our wine that night!

Our wine that night!

Let me make a special mention of the service that evening. It was exceptional!!! I was feeling a bit self-conscious being in such a fine restaurant dressed as a Peregrino. I was dressed in the finest clothes that I had and they were clean but I still felt under-dressed (It’s the Native New Yorker in me!). That didn’t matter one bit to the Maitre d’ or to the staff. We were treated with utmost attention and kindness. I can’t thank them enough! It is no wonder that they have earned a 2013 Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor.com in addition to their stellar reviews on Yelp, Foursquare, Trivago.com and tripadvisor.es.

At the end of the meal I asked the Maitre d’ for a tour of the rest of the upstairs restaurant because they only had a section of it opened for their diners that evening. He took us on a grand tour showing us the kitchen (introducing us to the chefs) and the wine cave also! Man, was I in Heaven and from the look on Robert’s face so was he!!

A very rare and historic bottle of wine!!

A very rare and historic bottle of wine!!

Robert and I soaking up the atmosphere and wishing we owned these wines.

Robert and I soaking up the atmosphere and wishing we owned these wines.

A rare 1936 Vega Sicilia, worth thousands for its' historical value

A rare 1936 Vega Sicilia, worth hundreds of dollars for its’ historical value

We had a smile on our face when we were walking back to our hotel and when we got there we were reluctant to end the evening, Robert’s last on the Camino, so we had a nightcap and enjoyed the conversation about our adventures. Robert took the picture below of me relaxing with a book of the food of the region published by Casa Ojeda.



It was a night in Burgos to remember!


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