You’ll Never Walk Alone


There is a song that’s become part of the legend at Liverpool Football Club in England. That song is You’ll Never Walk Alone sung by the Merseyside group Gerry and the Pacemakers in 1963. It’s a cover of the original song from Rogers and Hammerstein‘s play Carousel (1945). At Liverpool games their fans sing this song as their anthem. It’s not unusual to see 90,000 fans singing their hearts out for their team and telling their players that at Liverpool they’ll never walk alone.

The Camino experience is also one where you’ll never walk alone. Before leaving home as I was describing going on pilgrimage to people and explaining how far I intended to walk I was invariably asked the same question.

Are you going with a group?

They would give me a look of amazement when I said that I wasn’t.

The truth of the Camino, like the song, is that You’ll Never Walk Alone. I walked for 35 days and I can count the number of days where I walked completely alone on one finger. You are destined to find kindred spirits on the Camino. Yes, it helps if you greet people and talk to them. Sometimes, after a conversation you might even feel the need to ask a simple question,

Would you like to walk together?

You’d be amazed at the companionship, friendships and intense and long conversations that this simple question will lead to.

The Camino, in many ways, is an apt metaphor for life. Life, like the Camino, is best experienced when you are with someone. It may be one other person or it may be a group of people and you’ll never know what destiny brought you together at that precise moment in time. The people you experience the Camino with may change with time, just as they may change with time in life. Remember also that your loved ones at home are walking every step of the Camino with you. They may not feel the pain and fatigue but they are in your consciousness and walking every step of the way with you.

You’re never alone especially if you believe in a higher being. Even if you don’t have that belief many of us also walk the Camino for others and they are always in our hearts and souls. They too walk with us so really You’ll Never Walk Alone.



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