In Case You’ve Been Wondering Where I’ve Been


Since I haven’t posted for a while you might be wondering if I’ll write another post anytime soon. Rest assured, I’m back to writing about the rest of the 15 stages that I completed on the Camino.

Part of the reason for my hiatus is something that also happened to me on the Camino. Quite simply at one point when I was walking I knew that I would complete my pilgrimage, the walking was easier, I was more confident with every step that I took and the kilometers on the signs to Santiago de Compostela began to steadily decrease. I knew I was close to my destination and that’s when I wanted to slow down, to savor every moment. Did I slow down? No, but I did look at the people I met, the countryside, the churches and everything around me with a sense of melancholy. My senses slowed down but my feet didn’t. I think that my fellow Pereginos can understand the feeling.

Well, the same thing has happened now with my writing. I want to savor the memories but it’s time now to write and complete the task at hand. So to recap, my last post was about Stage 20 to Leòn. I’ll take up the story of my Pilgrimage from there and I plan on being finished describing all my stages by the end of 2013.

Buen Camino!


2 thoughts on “In Case You’ve Been Wondering Where I’ve Been

    • The wine is a Bierzo from the region of the same name. It was the wine region that we were walking through at the time. It was very good and inexpensive. The cherries from Bierzo are the best of all of Spain and we had some for dessert!

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