Music I’d Take with Me on Camino (If I liked using my I-Pod)

I’m of an age that I do not like using my I-Pod while walking. Shocking as that may seem to the many young Peregrinos I saw walking with their I-Pods in full operation. When I would say “Hello” or “Buen Camino” to these young Peregrinos they would first have to first take out their headphones and then ask me to repeat myself. Just not my style.

I resisted the urge to put on those wonderful Apple headphones (I even had them) while walking the trails of the Camino because I did not want to have anything interfering or coming between me with me and the sounds and sights that I was experiencing. I wanted to hear the birds singing, the flock of sheep ambling toward me, the herd of cattle coming onto the trail, and the sounds of the river running alongside the road that was taking me toward O Cebreiro.  I also wanted to hear that tractor coming up behind me about to run me over! In order to maximize my experience I needed to have all my senses alert and operating at their maximum efficiency. I needed to take in the totality of what I was experiencing by using my ears, eyes, and yes even my nose! This is a great part of what made my Camino experience so memorable and indeed special.


This doesn’t mean that I didn’t listen to music while walking. It’s just that the music that I listened to was the music coming from my head. For example, the first two weeks of my Camino were filled with rain and while walking I the song It Never Rains in Southern California by Albert Hammond would pop into my head. Other songs were also popping into my head such as 500 Miles (The Proclaimers) and California Girls (The Beach Boys).

What follows is a list of artists or songs that I would take on Camino with me if I were to use my I-Pod or I-Phone while walking. Of course, some of these songs such as It Never Rains in Southern California may be of an age unrecognizable to my younger readers.

Before showing you the list I need to make the following disclaimer about the album art that I will use. Here goes:

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With that being said here is the list:
It Never Rains in Southern California (album)

It Never Rains in Southern California (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It Never Rains in Southern California – Albert Hammond YouTube video

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) – The Proclaimers Original Video on YouTube

I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) – The Proclaimers Video with Lyrics on YouTube

The Very Best of The Beach Boys

The Very Best of The Beach Boys (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






The Beach Boys – California Girls Video (1967) on YouTube

26 - Costello, Elvis -  Everyday I Write The B...

Summertime - Will Smith & D.J. Jazzy Jeff / Rh...

Summertime – Will Smith & D.J. Jazzy Jeff / Rhys Webber (Photo credit: Lance Lantash)







Elvis Costello – Everyday I Write the Book Video on YouTube






Summertime – Will Smith & D.J. Jazzy Jeff YouTube Video




Daft Punk 'Get Lucky'

Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky’ (Photo credit: Viktor Hertz)

Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Official Video) YouTube
Daft Punk – Get Lucky – featuring Pharrell Williams – First Live Performance YouTube Video
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Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines (uncensored)

Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines (uncensored) (Photo credit: Stijn Vogels)

Warning – Adult Theme and Lyrics – It’s here because I like the song (it’s catchy and danceable) but I know the lyrics are controversial and I do not agree with them.

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines YouTube Video Warning: This is the unrated version and contains nudity

The Very Best of Bananarama

The Very Best of Bananarama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Bananarama – Cruel Summer Official Video on YouTube

Video shot in my hometown – New York City!!!

Bananarama – Robert DeNiro’s Waiting

Fire and Rain

Fire and Rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Just about any James Taylor will do.

James Taylor – Fire and Rain/Up On the Roof – Concert for New York YouTube Video

Salsa Celtica - Sat 22 August 2009 1507

Salsa Celtica – Sat 22 August 2009 1507 (Photo credit: The Queen’s Hall)






One of my favorite Salsa bands, Salsa Celtica. They are a fusion Salsa and Celtic Music from Scotland. They have so many great songs!!!

Salsa Celtica play Pa’l Rumberos live at Celtic Connections 09 – YouTubeSalsa

Celtica – El Agua De La Vida Live at Proms in the park (part 3)

The Very Best of.... Sting & The Police (2002)

The Very Best of…. Sting & The Police (2002) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One of my all-time favorite bands! Again, so much to chose from here.

The Police – Walking On The Moon (official video) YouTube

The Police – Bring On The Night (1982) – YouTube

My Life (Billy Joel song)

My Life (Billy Joel song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





I lived on 52nd Street in Manhattan when this album came out and I still can remember every song on this album.

Billy Joel feat. Tony Bennett – New York State of Mind (Shea Stadium, 2008)

I always get teary-eyed when I hear this song…

English: Tony Bennett performing at a Library ...

English: Tony Bennett performing at a Library of Congress gala event in honor of John W. Kluge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Queen’s born Tony Bennett is a classic who I’ve had the pleasure to see sing live.

Tony Bennett – Fly me to the moon – YouTube Video 2008

Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Without a doubt, the Queen of Salsa. She is greatly missed. Viva Celia! Viva Cuba!

Celia Cruz – La Vida Es Un Carnaval – YouTube Video

Celia Cruz – La Negra Tiene Tumbao – YouTube Video

Celia cruz & Willy Chirino – Cuba que lindo son tus paisajes – YouTube Video

Willy Chirino

Willy Chirino




Otro Cubano!!

Since I gave you a teaser of Willy with Celia here’s Willy!

Willy Chirino – “Medias Negras” (en vivo) Concierto 35 Aniversario – YouTube Video


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