24 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Very excited to be a part of your 500 mile journey! Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to read more of your blog and see more pictures.

    • Thank you. I got lucky that it was such a good day to attempt the climb because it snowed 2 days before and it rained two days after we crossed. I’m now in Pamplona and will be going to Mass in the Cathedral for a Pilgrim’s blessing at 9:30. Rain is forecasted but we had 2-days of rain on and off all the way from Roncesvalles to Pamplona. Pamplona is beautiful and I’m happy because when I meet and talk to Spaniards the first thing they ask is where I’m from and the second thing they immediately say is, “Your Spanish is very good!” I’m proud of it and can thank my parents for that incredible gift and blessing.

  2. My favorites are the sun-dappled trails through the trees, but the snow-capped mountains are nice as well. Gives a sense for how high you climbed.

    • That was my favorite part for three reasons. First, it was beautiful. Secondly, it wasn’t cold and lastly the thousands leaves made a good cushion for walking.

    • Thank you Jean-Christophe! It means a lot to me me to hear this from you. I’m in Pamplona now enjoying a day of rest after two stages in of and off rain. I wanted to let you know that there is a group of French ladies in their late 40’s to early 50’s and they do everything first class. I’m guessing that Hermés outfitted them for the trip! Please say hello for me to everyone at Café Beaujolais.

  3. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Steve’s bionic hips would never allow him to take this trek so it is a vicarous pleasure for us. I wanted to hear those sheep.

    • Cinda, thank you for your comments. I’m absolutely positive Steve could do it and would make a fine Peregrino! There is a disabled Spanish woman walking the Camino but it is only for one week. Also, there is a service that will take your backpack for you from city to city. Give my regards to Steve.

  4. Your 500 mile journey is amazing. The pictures and the stories are truly humbling. Enjoy your journey and can’t wait to see the next blog. How long is your journey?

    • Thank you Dawn. I’m truly blessed to be doing this trip. Hopefully, I’ll be done by July 10th. I’m a little behind in my writing and have met some truly amazing people. Right now I’m in Pamplona and tomorrow morning will go to a Pilgrim’s Mass at the Pamplona Cathedral and then start my walk to a town called Puente La Reina.
      Take Care and give my regards to Vern and Roberto.

    • Jake, thank you. It is an amazing experience on many, many, levels. When you made your comment I had not finished downloading the pictures, you’ll have to go back and see the rest. I’m behind in my posts and pictures as I’m starting Stage 6 tomorrow. Please give my regards to CTA staff.

    • Chico is an amazing dog. He was abused as a young puppy and Elisa smuggled him out of Holland into Norway when he was 3 months old. It took awhile for Chico to trust her and now he’s 11 years old and a great Peregrino!

    • I had the same thought! Honestly…I looked at that picture the longest…looked soooo yummy!
      I love reading about your journey and I’ll admit I’m green with envy!

  5. Hello, how nice to read everything about your camino and see the picture you took in the bar in Belorado, glad you had a great meal there . un saludo desde Belorado, Brenda:)

  6. Michael it was so nice to see you this morning. I must say you look terrific, and about your trip what an amazing journey – i can’t even imagine doing what you did. Best luck in your retirement and with writing.

    • Margo and Herman!

      What a wonderful surprise! Happy New Year to you both and I have very fond memories of our short time together on the Camino. Let’s do it again! Michael

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