Places to Eat

Bar Casa Manolo – Hornillos del Camino, Burgos

Don’t be fooled this is a restaurant also.

They have the best lentils I ate on the Camino!!!! Don’t miss them!!


Bar/Restaurante El Volante


The Bar/Restaurant El Volante was a great stop for Robert and myself while in Estella. It was also conveniently located across the street from our hostal. When we entered at 7:00 that evening all that we saw was a bar. The bar was crowded with patrons and had that happy buzz of a place where everything is just right. We were told that the seating area for the restaurant was behind a set of double doors and that dinner began at 7:30 p.m. That was no problem for either of us because they had some good beer to drink!!

At 7:30 p.m. we were the first to be seated for dinner and from the menu we could tell that the we’d enjoy eating here. I immediately sensed that the food was good here because I saw a huge table for a party of 30 being prepared. That was a good omen. All the food has that homemade quality to it and the veal that we both had was delicious! The wine was also very good but the star of the evening were the French fries! They were so good that after we saw a pair of German Peregrinos having another plate of fries we decided to also order some more! Correct decision.

The next day we went to the bar for breakfast and there was a huge crowd of men that looked liked they had been partying all-night and were having breakfast while having a last nip of wine or beer. The bonhomie of the crowd was contagious.

The motto of the restaurant is: Un restaurante de calidad en un ambiente familiar (A quality restaurant with a family atmosphere). They certainly had no problem  delivering on their promise.

Now, as I researched this article I noticed that their website is one of the best that I’ve seen for a Bar/Restaurant. It has separate sections for the bar and the restaurant with pictures and their opening and closing times. There is also a section that has their menu listed and the price of their prix fixe meal.

El Horno de Iroz

As you follow the Camino past Larrosoaña and walk along the banks of the Río Arga you will eventually come upon the idyllic little outdoor restaurant called El Horno de Iroz.

This was one of my favorite eating experiences on the Camino because it involved good friends, (Sechu, Vicente and Deutschland Über Alles) good food, good beer and a setting of simple beauty. The restaurant (which also has an indoor section) is located right next to a small babbling stream that I found to be an idyllic setting. The sandwiches we ate were made in their wood-burning oven (they make Pizza too) and the draft beer was cold and delicious.

Good friends, food, beer and beautiful location; what else could you ask for!

El Horno de Iroz

El Horno de Iroz

The stream next to El Horno de Iroz

The stream next to El Horno de Iroz

El Horno (the oven)

El Horno (the oven)

Sechu, Vicente,  Deutchland Über Alles, and myself

Sechu, Vicente, Deutschland Über Alles and myself

The Camino outside of El Horno de Iroz

The Camino outside of El Horno de Iroz

Okampi Taberna – Pamplona –

Located in the Plaza del Castillo which is  known as “Pamplona’s Living Room” Okampi Taberna delivers delicious “pinxtos” (Basque for Tapas). Make sure you do not call them tapas because it will not make you particularly popular with the locals if you do.

Okampi has two levels, the bottom which can be entered from Calle Estafeta, 46 or the top level which is located on the Plaza del Castillo, 11. It is both a restaurant and a taberna but I was there for the pinxtos so I spent my time in the taberna. Pinxtos in Pamplona (and in the Basque Country) are more elaborate than those elsewhere in Spain. You will find quite a selection of them many of which have some seafood as their principal ingredient. I found them to be delicious especially when paired with their draft beer or a glass of wine.

Okampi taberna is a “must eat” if you are in Pamplona and it has the added advantage of being in the Plaza del Castillo which is a popular meeting place for peregrinos because of all the great eating and drinking establishments close by.

Eat, Drink and Enjoy!

Pinxtos at Okapi Taberna

Pinxtos at Okapi Taberna


La Bodega del Camino, Restaurante – Albergue,

Lorca, Navarra, Spain

Me at La Bodega del Camino (Lorca, Navarra)

As Robert and I were walking through the village of Lorca we got to a street at the far end of the village that had two bars – or what we took to be bars – directly across from each other. One was full of very loud people, obviously enjoying themselves and the other had two people in it. Robert and I looked at each other and immediately went in the loud one! It was called La Bodega del Camino.

The building itself is a restored stone building that looks like it has been around for a long time. Inside it was loud, very loud, and hardly a table was free. Robert and I were able to finally find two seats together. People looked and sounded very happy as they drank wine or beer and ate their food. You could hear animated conversations in 4 or 5 languages!!

We had eaten lunch before and weren’t interested in a full meal so I went up to the barmaid – who was besieged with customers – and ordered wine and olives. Robert and I at that moment were in paradise as we sat there drinking our excellent wine. And the olives!! They were the best olives I had ever tasted!! It could be because we were cold, wet and tired but I think it had something to do with the olives themselves and the general bohomie of the place.



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